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Policies for Hiring and Working With Bart Baggett
Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiner
handwriting expert rates

Rates, Retainers, and Policies.

All clients who retain Mr. Bart Baggett must agree to these policies & procedures
as they include the working agreement, explanation of the rate card, and clearly express
the contract you are entering into upon hiring Mr. Bart Baggett.

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Bart Baggett, America's
Handwriting Expert.
Court Qualified. Experienced.

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Forgery Detection is a complicated and skilled profession which takes years of training.

Bart Baggett is qualifed to help you solve your case. We work with attorneys, individuals, and corporations in the US and Canada.

We reserve the right to update our rates at any time, but we do honor the "lab rate" and "consultations" rate card which were published at the time of the case begin date. Once a single case has reached it's case completion date, all new work will be considered a "new case"

All verbal or written quotes (not stated in the standard rate-card) are
valid for 24 hours from the time conveyed.

The "case completion" date is defined as the moment
an "official opinion" in a verbal or written form.

All additional work such as depositions, second opinions, new document reviews, hourly consultations, court testimony, additional lab work, will be billed at the current published rate sheet. additional time on the case, depositions, or other expenses.

There is no refunds of any kind after an opinion has been rendered. Please see our detailed chargeback and refund policy.

The following page elaborate on what is included and not included in the
published rate card for each service retained/ rendered.


Bart Baggett Questioned Document Retainer for expert witness services Retainer against future charges on this rate sheet. Permission to publicially announce Mr. Baggett is retained. $ 1,200.00

Bart Baggett New Case, Lab work, Verbal & Written Opinion or Declaration

The "flat rate" covers one Questioned document and unlimited known exemplars of one unique individual. This rate includes up to 4 hour of billable time (lab time, attorney / client consultation, office admininstration, and / or clerical time) and one short "Official Letter of Opinion".

All additional work is billed based on our published rate sheet. Those additional fees would include, but not limited to:

red checkmarkEvaluating new Q or K documents after the official opinion has been issued.

red checkmarkCourt testimony

red checkmarkTravel time and expenses

red checkmarkPreparation of Exhibits

red checkmarkSecond Opinion / Peer Review

red checkmarkAll hourly work which exceed the initial four hours.

red checkmarkAny time worked on caser after the "case completion" date is billed hourly.

red checkmarkConsultation or expanded explanation of basis of opinion to non-attorney client.

red checkmarkLong form writtern report of findings which includes obversvationa and detailed basis of opinion in long form "Official Opinion"


$ 995.00


$100 for Each Additional Questioned Document Examined

Each new document or each new "unique person" which must be analyzed or opinion rendered as to the question of identify. One document with 2 individuals in 2 "unique persons", so this fee applies.

red checkmarkConsultation or expanded explanation of basis of opinion to non-attorney client.

2 unique people on 1 document is $100 extra. ($995+$100=$1095)

1 person on 2 pages of a contract is $100 extra. ($995+$100=$1095)

25 document with one unique person's signature or writing on each document is $100 extra per document. ($995+$2400=3395)

$ 100.00

Deposition Rate

Mr. Baggett's deposition rate is $400 per hour (3 hour minimum) within a 30 mile radius of Los Angeles. Travel expenses apply outside of Los Angeles Country.

$ 400.00

Bart Baggett $1200 Court Cost Per Day

Excludes travel time, travel expenses and parking feels outside of Los Angeles Country. Court Per Day is defined by Mr. Baggett appearing at the court location, ready to testify. The fee does not change regardless of whether or not Mr. Baggett is called as a witness, not, or his testifies for 8 minutes or 8 hours. Flat day rate.

$ 1200.00

Bart Baggett Court Display Preparation
$ 200 / hour
Bart Baggett $30 Overnight Mail Service
for Doc Exam Service
$ 30.00

Bart Baggett $600.00 Court Deposit

The fee reserves on specific day for Mr. Baggett to appear in court. No refunds on court deposits. Deposit can be moved to future date, at the discretion of Mr. Baggett, based on a 48 hour postponement notice.

$ 600.00
Bart Baggett Travel Time billed at $50/hr
(One Hour Minimum)
$ 50.00 / hour
Bart Baggett TRAVEL - Driving Expense
( $.50 per mile) Round Trip
$ .50 / mile
shopping cart
Bart Baggett Travel Per Diem -
Meals *$50 per day
$ 50.00
shopping cart

If you are planning on hiring a document examiner soley based on the a fair price, you are are in luck. Despite Mr. Baggett's deep experience and fame, he has maintained a similar price structure as his graduating students and industry peers so that the clients can choose based on 'quality' and not price. Bart Baggett's rate schedule is in the normal range of document examiners nationwide for testimonial time and court room appearances... the prices listed above for the initial consultation, labwork, and letter of opinion are below the average industry prices. But, Mr. Baggett is not the cheapest in the United States. If you want a "discount price", please contact one of Mr. Baggett's students or a less experienced examiner.

Choose your expert based on quality, not price.

Full rate schedule can be viewed here.


Once retained, Bart Baggett will consult directly with your attorney on all
areas of forensic evidence and putting an expert witness on the stand regarding the documents in question.

Regardless of the objective "opinion" rendered by Mr. Baggett's lab,
Mr. Baggett's experience and advice has helped dozens of attorney's
make strategic case decisions which significantly improves the outcome of their case as a whole.

Forensic analysis can tell the truth, when clients often do not. Our experts
can often help you determine how much weight the documents can
carry in your case.

Justice Film


Baggett helps jilted x-wife win six figure settlement
from forged pre-nuptual agreement


"The fact that you were here, in the court, to prove my x-husband forged the pre-nuptial agreement was the key to my divorce case. I can't thank you enough. You've help end this horrible 2 year drama of lies and created justice for me."

- Michelle Cheeley
San Bernadino, CA

(Husband forged pre-nuptial agreement and settled during the court trial to avoid Bart's 2nd day of court testimony.)

Baggett helps client recover $6,600.


"Your testimony and support during this lawsuit by my x-girlfriend has been nothing short of amazing. The judge awarded me full amount of the $6,600 and finally I can sleep at night.

And, you went head-to-head against that x-government document examiner and made him look like a babbling idiot. The judge obviously thought you were more credible. Thank God I chose you. "
- Mike Juaraz, East Los Angeles

Baggett helps attorney in third case for his firm.

"Thanks to Mr. Baggett's written opinion,
my client's case settle in our favor for a small
amount. . Mr. Baggett's reputation and letter
saved my client thousands on a trial
. "

Mr. Andrew Smyth, Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, Ca

Helped client avoid 15 years in prison.

"Thanks you soooooo much for going above and beyond. Your testimony was the key the criminal lawsuit against me. The jury found me NOT GUILTY on all counts. They obviously believed you instad of that Police document examiner the D.A. hired.

I was so impressed you handled that District Attorney with such professionalism... he knew you were right, but couldn't make you look bad on the witness stand.
I have my life back. Thank you Mr. Baggett!"

-Amir Dawood, Attorney, San Bernadino, CA

Attorney's Recommend Bart.

"Bart Baggett is the best expert witness I've ever worked with. What's more, he successfully testified for my client via telephone in a live trial here in Alaska. He even "consulted with me" on how best to cross-examine the defense's document examiner. We won the trial and I recommend him whole heartedly."

— Jim Fry, Attorney, Anchorage, Alaska

Even when Bart isn't in the room,
his reputation helps client win

"Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Your opinion letter may become enough to prevent a trial."
— Sandra G. Slater Phoenix, AZ


Just an FYI. We won our case in small claims court (Balboa Capital vs. San Dollar Mortgage Service, Inc) . The judge accepted your "Official Letter of Opinion" in lui of a live testimony and he believed your opinion was credible. Should Mr. Baggett want to use our case for testimonial, feel free to do so. Thanks to you and Bart for effecient service!!!"

— Margaret Granger , San Bernadino, California


larry king

Common Questions. FAQ
(Call our automated FAQ voice system 323-544-9278)

This page has an expanded F.A.Q. page which also
includes a frequently asked telephone hotline for new clients.

What is a handwriting expert or court document examiner?

Can Bart testify outside of California?
(Yes, Bart travels nationwide to testify and has been qualifed to testify 100% of the time he has appeared in court as an expert witness.)

How much do handwriting experts charge to render an opinion?
Most experts are retired government employees and charge over $1200 as a retainer before they even view the documents and begin the case. Mr. Baggett and HSI associates normally render an official written opinion for under $795. Many cases can be started for as low as $590.

Why should I hire Bart Baggett, instead of another less qualified examiner?
Bart is the arguabley the most recognized (famous) handwriting expert working in the USA. If credibility, accuracy, and integrity are important to your case, hire Bart. And, Bart has the rates as associates who have been working less than a year professionally. The only reason not to hire Bart is if your court date is on a date when Bart is already testifying in another case. He can't be two places at once.

What training does a handwriting expert have to have in order to testify in a court of law? That is a very long answer. The short answer is that an expert's qualifications are judged by the judge in each case. The long answer is that many working examiners are not qualified and shouldn't be taking cases, but do. Mr. Baggett is very qualified.

My case contains no originals, can you still render an opinion which will hold up in court? Yes. Bart testifies based on just copies on a regular basis.

Will Bart's opinion be accepted in a court of law? Of course, but an expert witness's testimony is never a guarantee the judge will rule in your favor. Documents are usually one piece of a much larger puzzle.

How much will it cost to have Bart Baggett himself come to court and testify in person? Does he travel outside California. (Yes. Often.)

All these questions and more can be answered by simply calling our office. Your first conversation will take place without a fee, so you can make sure you are hiring the right expert for the job.


Would you like to speak to live person before you submit your case?

Just call Bart's office at 323-544-9277 ext 1


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